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Career beginnings and Live. Picture the singer idling around in the July heat, slowly typing out a telepathic love letter inside her skull. Near the end, her voice suddenly jumps an octave and, for a moment, floats sweetly atop the roiling fever dream. It's sticky, but in a dense and oppressive, not light and carefree way.

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Meanwhile Lana's voice, passionate and aching yet effortless and chill, sings to a lover free to change yet fated to accept her love. After years in the dark, Lana's love with hip-hop is out in the open again, and like any love, men dating site for men it feels as if no time has passed at all. She also claimed she was not the only one with tattoos dedicated to the relationship.

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She's listening to the radio, and her mind is drifting between external sensation and internal desire. In October, he released the mixtape Live. The scuffle took place in downtown Manhattan and the performance was canceled. Racial subtext slips in through lines about white lines and black beaches, though the real poetic highlight is the blood-red sangrias.

Even in Del Rey's songs with a cooler temperature, there's a humidity to her voice, a thickness that slows her tongue. Listless delivery paired with such vivid description is a hallmark of her work, and here it functions as a cocoon you don't want to escape even as you feel the knife's edge of danger.

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