Aiims 2011 Question Paper

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Variant of Giant cell tumor is? Fine reticulate pigmentation with palmar pitting is seen in? Thompson Edmund syndrome Ans-?

AIIMS MBBS 2011 Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

What is the next investigation to be performed? Vertical crest at the junction of the internal auditary canal? Longest intracranial course. All are true about incontinentia pigmenti except?

AIIMS MBBS Previous Year Question Papers with Answers - Free Download

Abscess in axillary region is safely drained by which approach? Acts with the cardiovagal centre to maintain B.

AIIMS MBBS Previous Year Question Papers with Answers Free Download

All are true about exenatide except? What other test you do to exclude diagnosis of cystic fibrosis? Size of about macro adenoma Ans?

Non neoplastic lesions simulating bone tumor are all except? Which of the following may not worsen angina?

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AIIMS MBBS 2011 Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

True about prolactinoma in pregnancy all except? Axillary neurovascular bundle sheath derived from?

Healthy thinking is characterized by all except A. Medullary carcinoma thyroid treatment?

However the baby was born with hydrocephalus and cerebral calcification. Protein losing enteropathy diagnosis, bangla apps all used except?

Fastest acting drug for lowering S. Histone acetylation causes?

All are true regarding mesothelioma except? The external appearance of genitalia was normal except hyperpigmentation. Vasomotor centre of medulla is associated with?

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Local Scarring and limb hypoplasia in a newborn is seen due to? Acellular pertussis vaccine composed of? Which is not a congenital myopathy? Fish is the source of all except?

Which of the following is true? Following are larval control measures except? What is the preferred treatment?

All are true regarding carcinoma pancreas except? Which of the following about atherosclerosis is true? Not seen in Gestational Diabetes? True regarding ovulatory phase of menstrual cycle is? Which is not true about disinfectants?

Topical mitomycin is used for? During arteriography dissection most commonly in? Low grade inflammation of vessel wall Ans-? Decreases glucagon level Ans?

Which among the following is false regarding familial adenomatous polyposis? The patient still has vitreo macular traction. Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa is caused by a mutation of?

All are true regarding streptococci except? Anti phospholipid syndrome not seen? The technique of laproscopic cholecystectomy was first described by? Stimulates aldosterone release. Not a side effect of naloxone?

Late expanding stage of population in India is due to? Which of the following is the diagnosis? All of the following is involved in development of carcinoma colon except? Download Here for July Session. Distal part of duodenum has a cap Ans-?

Muscle rigidity due to action of opioid on which of the following receptors? Regarding Ifosfamide, all are true except? Echocardiogram was normal.

AIIMS MBBS 2011 Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

Spiramycin was prescribed but there is no improvement. Which does not cause hypoglycemia? Reflex hallucinations occurs in? Most common cause of death in a patient with thrombolytic therapy? Augmented macula photocoagulation Ans?

Positive hepatojugular reflux seen in? Octreotide is not useful in? Supply ipsilateral superior oblique. All true about high tibial osteotomy except?