The Best Waterproof Fitbits for Swimming

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Fitbits recognize freestyle best. The good news is that it still delivers solid swim tracking features. You can clip it to your belt, vest or bra, or even just drop it in the pocket and take your morning jog. The Best Waterproof Headphones for Swimming. Fitbits can report inaccurate data and results when there are breaks of longer than a minute between reps in the pool.

Like the Blaze, the Ionic can also play fitness videos to help coach you through your workouts. One of the biggest problems I have with fitness trackers and smartwatches is that they always seem to get in the way. And that became the first such moment of many to come. Data is synced to the Nokia Health Mate app and the day battery life means you can get in a fair few swims before it needs to be powered up again.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch preview

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You can load it up with a whole bunch of music. Without my hands and arms moving there is no movement to track. View photos After spending some time with it during a preview event, I found the Ionic to be an impressive, comfortable device. That could spell serious trouble for the Ionic. Still, the idea of looking at my wrist to check which part of my workout I should be at seems a bit distracting.

And while this is great news, there's a pretty major caveat here, which is that there's no automatic swim tracking. Unfortunately not all of them, with the Fitbit Charge being the first on this list.

Its display is plenty bright and colorful, but its bottom bezel is a bit thicker than I prefer. As someone who puts in a huge amount of work on their kickboard this is an issue. Fitbit products are notorious of outdoing expectations, and the Fitbit Flex is no exception.

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Be sure to collect it intact, though, if it accidentally tumbles into the deepest end of the pool. View photos The Ionic is a lot more attractive in person than in its initial renderings.

It actually stands as one of the most functional and, consequently, fancied gadget of its kind. In view of that, I think the guys at Fitbit deserve some credit for underhyping their products, honestly. With my new gizmo, I found it difficult to fight the urge to take a bath with it, and so finally I did. But now its digital health business has been sold back to Withings.

The Fitbit One was built with that in mind. If you move your gadget against the water, however slightly, the pressure it has to play against gets equally intensified. View photos The Ionic will look a bit out of place on people with smaller wrists.

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If you're looking for a basic fitness tracker that's good for the water, it's a good one to go for. So, basically, rain, shower, shallow swimming, doing the dishes and near-beach swimming are all passable for your Fitbit Surge.

Two bands included with each watch. Fitbit struggled mightily to get the Ionic waterproof like the new Apple Watch, and it did just that. As far as swim tracking skills, it'll record the usual metrics including lap time, lap count and stroke type.