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The following table lists the data types that Office Access provides and describes how they affect data entry. Locate the field that contains the data that you want to change, and then type your expression your change criteria in the Update to row for that field. If the tables is linked, you may not have rights to modify the data on the backend data source. The lookup field then displays the data in a drop-down list.

Change this at the Windows level. For example, you can apply different fonts and font sizes to specific characters in your text, and make them bold or italic, and so on. You can work with lookup fields directly in tables, and also in forms and reports. By default, the Lookup Wizard sets the table field to the Number data type. Is Null Returns all records that contain a null blank or undefined value.

The following table lists the

Number You can enter only numbers in this type of field, and you can perform calculations on the values in a Number field. Show me how to view data types Access now provides two ways to view the data types for a table field. Each contact may have a different value in its Contacted field depending on how many times it was contacted in the past. For more information about input masks, see the article Format data in rows and columns. Memo You can enter large amounts of text and numeric data in this type of field.

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Date Uses the Date function to return all records containing today's date. In that case, if not input mask is present, you can enter a value in almost any format, but Access displays the dates in accordance with the display format. For example, a field might require a fax number, but some of your customers might not have fax machines. Lookup Wizard The Lookup Wizard is not a data type.

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Simply open the table and manually try to edit the field. They are extremely powerful and eliminate a lot of manual updates and unnecessary coding. Currency You can enter only currency values in this type of field. Finally, when you create a Lookup field, you can optionally set it to support multiple values. As part of that process, you set properties for the fields in each table.

Is Null Returns all records that

Create and run an update query - Access

Access increments the values in an AutoNumber field whenever you add a new record to a table. Show me how to set or change the properties for a table field. None of the data can be modified. You can use any valid expression in the Update to row.

By default the Lookup Wizard setsYou can work with

When turned off, the field will accept null values, meaning the field can remain blank. If you're using Access workgroup security, you may not have rights to edit the data.

Is Not Null Returns all records that contain a value. Attachments provide a faster, easier, and more flexible way to view data from other programs.

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