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Friends is a good start, but I would eventually like to find a guy that has no problem with me being me, and hI'm being hI'm. We really hope you will be intrigued enough to take the first step to a happier and more fulfilling life, future and destiny. Add to Hotlist anonmuse I'm your average guy who is normally calm, quiet and somewhat intelligent. She should be ready to travel with me anywhere to explore this world.

Granted I can't play an instrument or sing, I engross myself and swI'm in the lyrical and instrumental depths of the chords and messages. If music were destroyed and forgotten, I too would die with it.

The truth is

Occasionally I get sudden urges to be spastic, sarcastic, and funny and end up dropping to the ground and rolling around for sheer amusement. It's fun, easy and safe to connect with other singles. She would always receive my respect and truthfulness. The truth is I enjoy being me and me alone.

It's fun easy and safe toAlthough I tend to think

Look for a good friend who enjoys the same. But I listen to all other forms of music as well. Although I tend to think deep thoughts, I try not to think too hard for fear of drowning in them. Well I don't really hit on anyone.

Look for a good friend whoShe would always receive myBut I listenOccasionally I get