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It witnesses a number of auto-rickshaw drivers and their families. Thoughts On Namma Auto-Project The Namma Auto project held in Bangalore is a good step forward to help create awareness among autorickshaw drivers about the need to shift towards electric mobility. They also hope to see the demand for eco-friendly autorickshaws increase while becoming economically, financially and environmentally efficient for both passengers and operators alike. They feature a powerful motor that starts instantly in extreme weather conditions.

It gives Bajaj a stiff competition when it comes to auto rickshaws. The rise in demand will in-turn create the need for a regulatory framework, further improving and promoting the need to purchase eco-friendly three-wheelers. The firm has introduced an array of three wheelers in India.

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Hence, you must be careful while choosing a costly product such as auto rickshaw. Mahindra Electric Treo Mahindra Electric launched their first electric three-wheeler in India, last week. Piaggio Ape City includes a beautiful dashboard.

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The three-wheelers feature a mesh transmission system and multi-plate wet clutch module. Financial support, through both capital and support towards saving and investment. It features a strong cabin for passenger seats and additional space for their luggage. Provide other additional avenues for extra income.

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The Treo Yaari has a range of km and takes roughly two hours for a complete charge. Group and organise drivers for collective strength. The event itself has various activities such as cultural programmes and award distribution with many celebrities, present as the chief guest. Apart from this, the project also intends to further make auto-rickshaws the most user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective mode of transport. The rickshaw drivers got to interact with one another while also getting a chance to test drive the first electric three-wheeler, the Mahindra Treo.

One of its most popular three-wheelers is Alfa. Mahina auto-rickshaws provide a car like spring system. This year, the event saw an attendance of over people, mainly consisting of auto-rickshaw drivers and their families.

The Treo is the first electric three-wheeler from Mahindra Electric, who was also present at the event. Hence, you can consider buying them. India is a home to plenty of automobile manufacturers. With the help of these large numbers, Namma Auto project hopes to set an example for efficient urban public transport systems in the two cities.

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Mahindra Electric Treo Mahindra ElectricPiaggio Ape City includes a beautiful

Like other auto-rickshaws covered on this list, the Ape City provides drum brakes. It offers nice features at an affordable price. The three-wheeler features durable multi-disc clutch. The Piaggio auto-rickshaw packs a three valve fuel controller and a comfortable cabin for the driver. The Namma Auto Project uses such events to create awareness regarding the importance of shifting from old two-stroke autos to either four-stroke or even electric-powered rickshaws.

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