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Similar games You may also like. Sharp must then defend him from meat-craving boars until medical assistance arrives.

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There's also a gun store where players can buy, customize, and upgrade their weapons. Shadows of Katmai Trophy Bucks. He aggravates the bear by shooting twice, but is mauled.

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Sharp hears as Cassidy alerts everyone that he and his kill are surrounded by lions. Matisse admits defeat to Sharp and apologizes for everything he's done. Players can choose different upgrades to firearms and gear, producing visible strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation. Sharp comes across lion tracks, confirming that a hunting pride is scouring the area. The two argue, but Hathcock shames them.

He's then ambushed by the lion, and as he's about to kill Sharp a shot fires, and the lion pauses and falls to his side. It's revealed Matisse fired, trying to make Sharp miss his chance.

The game features a big variety of environments available including lush forests, dry deserts, craggy mountains, flooded plains, scorching savannas and the freezing tundra. With the world as their playground, players will explore a vast expanse of mountains and valleys with unprecedented choices in direction never before seen in a Cabela's hunting game. Cabela's Big Game Hunter takes players on a fun-filled, fast-paced adventure around the globe. Getting to your target is now more challenging with the implementation of stealth hunts and timed hunts. Freidkin is taken to a hospital, where his left leg is amputated, fifa 11 apk for android making him drop out.

Cabela s Big Game Hunter

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Cabela s Big Game Hunter Game

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Face off against friends in exciting head to head, coop and hot seat shooting galleries that are a perfect match with the Top Shot Elite. Many birds and small mammals roam around for the player to shoot at their leisure. Authorities scour the area, but Cassidy's body is never found.

Just as he's approaching a bison herd, a rifle fires and misses, scaring them off. Featuring pump action reload and adjustable stock. You will need to use your wits to move quietly, avoid detection and get the perfect shot.

Each location features three different primary days with five different hunts available from the start of the region. Ratchet up the adrenaline with the added realism of the Top Shot Elite wireless controller. There are several roars and a scream as several birds are flushed from the trees.

In the midst of the blizzard, Sharp finally finds Ben's tracks, and just as he's about to shoot, a man jumps in front of his scope, revealed to be Matisse. Buy from an online retailer.

Sharp then sells Ben's skin to the Order, and he uses the money to go to Hawaii the next summer. As Cassidy starts to panic, Sharp instructs him to abandon his trophy and jump into a nearby ravine. Sharp is then startled by the bear, and jumps to the ground for his rifle as Bloody Ben closes in for the kill. Matisse wakes up, only to see Sharp looking at him with a confident smirk and Bloody Ben dead behind him. Sharp sits up and sees Matisse, revealing he shot the lion for himself, saving his life.

This article has multiple issues. Make strategic choices on upgrades to the firearms and gear that will truly affect the hunt. Enhance your abilities to remain undetected on approach shots, attract trophies and make a yard shot. Sharp runs to Matisse, badly injured and passed out.

Sharp sees the male lion in the distance, and must dispatch the lionesses. The game also features multiplayer where players can create or customize their own map from a template based off campaign or gallery or from scratch.

Use your hunting strategy as you move through vast environments where you can choose the high ground for a clear shot or sneak through the underbrush to get a close shot. After taking shelter in an arroyo during a sandstorm, Sharp finds boot tracks, confident that someone trespassed into his zone. The radio gets a distress call from Freidkin, with Hathcock telling Sharp to check it out. The game was released packaged with the Top Shot Elite, a plastic peripheral for the Wii controller.