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Allow me to provide you with a quick breakdown before the recap. All of Savannah is gossiping about what Lyle refuses to see. Daniel is itching to start his own business.

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Hannah Pearson dates Louis Oswald. The tension is placed on hold as Brandon gives a sweet toast to his true love. Ashley Borders was the resident society rebel who may have had a moonlighting gig at the baggage terminal for Delta. Hannah clings to Catherine, nervously laughing about her earlier conversation with Louis.

Daniel has hung up his party life in favor of furthering his career. They catch-up over finger foods and Bocci ball. Meanwhile, Hannah goes to fetch Daniel who missed the dress code memo.

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Catherine giggles but

Catherine giggles, but she knows Louis was telling Hannah nicely to cut the cord. Hannah thinks Catherine is overly rationalizing her situation with Lyle. Catherine suggests they go to a counselor. Hannah storms off and Louis seems majorly relieved.

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Daniel and Hannah are heading out on a picnic. Not to be a nag, but Hannah needs Louis to prove himself. Lyle is peeved that she is disregarding how she treated him after all he did for her to make their long-distance relationship work.

Hannah storms off

At the party, Louis teases Catherine about being one of the boys. Lyle shares the same saga with Louis on the golf course. On the day of his anniversary party, Brandon is transforming his backyard into a formal fantasy land. He gave her a credit card.

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Catherine concedes that Louis may not yet be prepared to give up the party scene. Turning thirty-three hit her hard. Louis urges his friend to put his foot down, but Lyle prides himself on being non-confrontational. In lieu of recreating a former Italian getaway, Brandon wants to throw a lavish fete.

She scores the first catch of the day. Louis hates that his friend is being so disrespected. She needs to stop analyzing everything and listen to her heart. Her mother, who has a lot of opinions, wishes her daughter would focus more on art and less on Japanese alcohol. Hannah admits that she and Louis are taking a break.

The couple chats about their upcoming eleventh anniversary. That evening, Catherine meets Hannah for dinner and drinks. Brandon jokes that people in Savannah take cocktails very seriously because it is frowned upon to pop Xanax in public.