Chelsea Handler vs Adam Sandler

Chelsea handler dating lenny kravitz

The reason is there are so many distractions and obligations in their busy lives that often prevent a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Chelsea's bio Let me preface this post by saying this will be more ignorant than Rza.

That girl was cool as hell

Of course, when two famous people meet and decide to be a couple together, the odds are already against them. It seems that both of them are doing just fine.

And as you know by now, when money and fame are around, super models are not too far away. It was a hot and heavy, short-lived rebound affair that came and went. It was a relationship that only lasted a short period of time. She was like one of the guys, but it was no getting around that she was white as cocaine.

It has to be personality, low self esteem, great helmet or a comparable fatty, but never big breasts. Black men think white women are freaks. The amount of Black women who just enjoy nasty, filthy, dirty, rougher than rough sex is higher than the rent.

Franklin is a motivational speakerWait one time

Chelsea Handler vs Adam Sandler

Franklin is a motivational speaker and is also the Senior Vice President of production of Columbia Pictures. That girl was cool as hell. Wait, one time Paula Patton said that she sends sex pics to Robin Thicke all the time.

White women struggle to find something to get on top of Black women with, trust me on that. He looks like he even might be shorter than her.

He was earning a lot of money and garnering a lot of publicity as well. As noted on here previously, when Seinfeld was an up-and-coming comic appearing on talk shows like Mike Douglas, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, etc. They were together for about a year until the both of them decided to move on.

It was downright hilarious to me. Diddy was involved in an off-and-on fling with the sexy Cameron Diaz.

They apparently met on the set of the movie Brick. Just saying for the purposes of this thread that this is what made me think both were closeted back in the day. Those same people think Sarah Silverman and Natalie Portman are kind of sexy on the low. Mila Kunis on the come up. Anyway, we said we were going out and alluded to the fact that we were going to a hip hop set after this.