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Moving continents, running away from self, just because a man ditched you is not feminism. Stereotype engineer jokes. The book jumps in past describing her previous love affairs and in present describing various ceremonies that are held before the marriage. Did I find it interesting?

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One, I make a lot of money. We take abuse seriously in our book lists.

Interesting plots which can be converted into movie screenplays are Chetan Bhagat's strength. Chetan Bhagat is a widely read Indian novelist. One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat. Bhagat, barbie fairytopia magic of the rainbow an Indian girl is not female version of yourself. Let Bhagat not make any more money off this book.

But his novels are based on teenage attractions and romance stuff, why cant he go beyond just being commercial to the so called true writing. The characters were senseless.

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So soon you will be able to download free book pdf for one Indian Girl. And after that I make sure that I read his books the first day after its release before someone else starts giving the review. What the fuck was I thinking? Thank you for reading my story.

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

Revolution and Half Girlfriend couldn't impress me because I felt that I was reading a movie script than a fiction novel. Exs show up at the wedding with marriage proposal.

And how can she call herself a feminist when she doesn't give any respect to other female characters in the entire book? Some of his past works have actually been readable but not this. They love good story telling with a smooth writing style and an enticing vocabulary, even if it means picking up a dictionary.

Uninteresting, unending, highly predictable and absolute junk. Girl goes on a world tour. His father was an Army officer, and his mother was a government employee in the agricultural department. This is like a classic Bollywood masala story. This book will be a big hit as Chetan bhagat as given some amazing stories which nowadays coming out as a movie.

It was a genuinely positive message about women owning their sexuality and it was very well portrayed. Out of sheer curiosity, I purchased the book second hand and started to read it. The book has all elements and revolves around career, self-discovery, heart-break, marriage, etc. The situation here being this steaming pile of shit book. He also flies all the way to Goa to woo her back.

So the story begins with Radhika, an independent working girl, and her arranged marriage to Brijesh, about whom she knows nothing. Open Preview See a Problem? Its not enough that she has Parents and friends mostly non-existent who love her.

It's a best thing which does not take a lot of memory too. Also, I was groaning on like almost every page.

Guy doesn't let go of ego. She also have to hear about how she is doing things which are okay with boys but she shouldn't do it being a girl. Well, on the bright side, this will make that gem of a series look even better when I return to it.

The story is very well handled right from the prologue. You're too conceited that you're making cheap third-rated jokes on others to prove you're above all. Half Girlfriend story comes on a Bihari boy who loves a girl.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Bhagat's screenwriting have included the dramedies Kai Po Che! Having sex with your boss because you got that perfect setting in the form of a private island is no feminism. Opinions that you only spouted when they suited you.

Books are one of the only sources of knowledge for human life. Hope you have downloaded the books required for the exams.

Leave the part to make your books engaging because first you need grammar lessons. If you are Indian you must read this book once. The book based on six call centres employees who work at the connexions call centre in Gurgaon the state of Haryana India. He then moved to Mumbai to focus full-time on his writing career while working at Deutsche Bank. Goes on a world tour, meets the guy whom she was prepared to marry, decides to marry him again.