Classic Oregon Trail Game

The best Oregon Trial games

The best Oregon Trial games

Loud noises are not a substitute for good storytelling. Not sure why it wasn't working for others, but it seems to be working here. And the Keyboard Controls Suck. Before going on your adventure, you should buy equipment and supplies.

My friend stumbled upon it in late March this year, in seventh grade, And I just made the high scores as Corncob! Softdisk Publishing Softie, Inc. There is a handheld version of this you know.

What Is The Oregon Trail

Viewed the map and now can't type commands. Finally been able to play this game after decades! Willamette Valley What is your decision?

Blizzard Entertainment Inc. Too bad the archive can't do more recent games like the original SimCity or Myst. Locks up at random times Tried playing twice now. Downloading Hello, I can not figure out how to download this game, can someone help me please?

Built by some guy on a date. My only complaint is that the clothes seem worthless. This Game Stinks I try and I try and I get so freaking far and then I get passed the mountains and it won't take any numbers whether you have other tabs open or not. Sound and Full Screen How to you get these to work? For the life of me I can't figure it out, any help would be great, because I love the game.

When you click the audio button while playing, the game freezes. All I get is a play button and when I press it, it asks me to make a play selection but I am not able to make a selection.

Avalon Lankhor Lawrence Productions, Inc. Simple, but in it's own way, difficult and addictive.

Use the number pad instead of the regular keys. Made it to the Dalles safely. Agapi has arrived and domination has begun. You'll have to refresh the page.

What Is The Oregon Trail

The Original Version Of The Oregon Trail game

Always loved coming upon a river and deciding how to handle it. It worked for the past two days but now the Dos Box just spins and never boots the game. It's quite a guilt trip since several people you talk to lament all the buffalo killing going on.

The Oregon Trail game description

It dates back to when my Mom and Dad were my age. It worked for my teacher, but not me This game is great! Millennium Interactive Ltd.

When hunting, use enter to move around to. Other then that it's like I remember. Therefore, the surfer earns the greatest number of points and the yoga instructor has the least. Though it's not five stars, it's still great! Wesson International Westone Co.

Third run, though, I made it all the way through. Would be good if we're able to save progress. Amazing This was a super fun game!

It has inspired countless gamers and spawned countless memes. Played before, but can't again My teacher showed me this game and we played it in class. Radical Entertainment Inc.

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The Original Version Of The Oregon Trail game

Play the different activities and keep your inventory stocked to keep morale up. This didn't work the first time it happened, but I think number lock was off. Release it What is your choice? But if you're into yoga, you'll be more limber on the roadtrip and if you're a surfer you'll get along with everybody. Bison were the slowest moving targets and yielded the most food, while rabbits and squirrels were fast and offered very small amounts of food.

Took me a while to figure out let you turn diagonal in hunting mode - not the number pad. Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. Living Books Llamasoft Ltd. Hunting An important aspect of the game was the ability to hunt. It's really fun, I like it.

What is the vintage of this Pinot? Your oxen were also subject to illness and death. Run away Will you apologize? You ate some bad mushrooms.

It says a gamepad needs to be attached. Pretty Cool This game is really cool and raw. Just kind of food for thought to those predisposed do decide others morals based on age. International Software Development Corp. Crash this program crashes often.

Play the original version of Oregon Trail here. Play The Oregon Trail online here. Being an Oregonian, I just have this desire to find an information kiosk in the orleg building and somehow arrange for this game to wind up running on that machine. Extremely Good Game Oregon trail is an emmensely good game it runs you through a actual situations that would have accured if you went in history. Also audio button is buggy The game is very fun, but the farthest I've ever made it was the Columbia River.

Decided to take a raft down the columbia. All my food and my bullets disappeared so it got rough for a while but somehow we made it.

The Original Version Of The Oregon Trail

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