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As the pins proved so popular they were then sold separately. Her success in retail led to her founding her own company, Hattie Carnegie, Inc.

Smaller color stones than the normal were used, creating, in the jewelry produced, the look of fine jewelry. Coloring agents of red, blue, green, violet etc. Each bead, stone and pearl was hand- strung and hand-knotted. These pieces of jewelry are highly collectible.

It was a kitchen hobby enterprise with the starting to bead necklaces to nurture her creativity. Both of these men began as Antique Dealers in jewelry. Jewelry was an integral part of his collections. Banana Republic jewelry is said to be an accessible luxury brand, and an affordable luxury for rich and middle class women and men. Rhinestones, also known as crystals, have been around for centuries being cut and finished by hand which was a very timely process.

The Tiffany Company sold Anson jewelry in their department stores. His mother was an illustrator, highly creative and a bit eccentric and nurtured the artist in her son. Unknown as to last date in business The trademark for A. The company produced earrings, broaches, pins, anklets, pendants, bracelets and necklaces and specialized in high end gold plated enamel jewelry some with tiny faux pearls. Chanel jewelry featured large stones, classical inspiration and an emphasis on authenticity.

Anson jewelry is sold on the internet by Anson Jewelry, and R. The outside or inside jewelry piece may have white full cut. Debra Moreland of Paris, France and now of Cincinnati, christians singles dating Ohio purchased only the manufacturing facilities in and sells her jewelry to over stores. He was born in France and trained as an apprentice to Cartier in France and emigrated to the U. It normally sells at low to middle price ranges.

Banana Republic was acquire by Gap, Inc. It mixes traditional and modern creating individual and original styles. Many of the s pieces had a decidedly Art Deco look. Vintage Beaucraft jewelry pieces are now considered highly collectible and in the same class of jewelry as Coro. He was consider a Florentine Artesian and Master Craftsman.

The movie star Joan Crawford bought and wore much of the Carnegie jewelry. Missing rhinestones and damaged pearls will substanially detract from the value of fine costume jewelry by Miriam Haskell. The jewelry is striking, elegant and different and is found in small, exclusive and elegant boutiques in Austria.

Some of the jewelry produced contained colored Lucite stones. His jewelry is well built using proven construction methods to create a sturdy base.

They produced jewelry for Kenneth J. The company became a Union Shop and expanded its sales and marketing efforts to cover distributors in the entire U. Cadoro jewelry is rare and hard to find. Carolee jewelry is sold through fine department and specialty stores. The colors of enamels are expertly shaded.

Her uncle was the famous Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli who discovered the canals of Mars. You can feel like you're going to the ball, even if you're not. See Napier for additional information The E. The company changed its name in to Anson Inc. Coro ceased production in the U.

The jewelry is relatively rare. Early pieces were made in small numbers for particular outfits or clients. The jewelry line was limited in production and ceased operations in the s. The Alice Caviness jewelry pieces are hard to find. When identifying costume jewelry by Haskell, components will include fake pearls and roses montees flat-backed rhinestones in clusters.

Stones are in sophisticated cuts and settings. Some of the jewelry was manufactured in West Germany. There is a lot of fake Weiss costume jewelry on the market. The company was one of the leading producers of beautiful and unique fine sterling silver jewelry ever made for over half a century.

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His father was trained as an architect but spent most of his life in the real-estate business. The Carnegie company was sold to Larry Josephs after her death in and closed in the s. His Women of the World collection features famous women throughout history carved in relief on bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, and earrings. The company ceased operations in the early s.

Undervalued for years, prices are going up! The company is presently in business. Her jewelry can be worn for day and evening wear. Eisenberg started as a clothing company that made pins that were everything to an evening dress.