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Right click on the partition you need to extend e. Again, your product is top notch.

Download Cute Partition Manager here. There are numerous partitioning managers that one can obtain from the market nowadays. This means you can use it even if you don't have an operating system installed at all. Our Review of Macrorit Partition Expert.

10 Free Disk Partition Software Tools (May )

Make your hard drive more efficient by using Paragon Partition Manager for Windows. Active Partition Manager can create new partitions out of unallocated space as well as manage existing partitions, like resizing and formatting them.

What's more, you can even enlarge partition without unallocated space on hard drive. This takes much of the guess work out of deciding what you need to do to complete a task. Now you can preview some free space has been allocated to C drive from D partition.

Lifetime Free Upgrades A maintenance agreement ensures that you will free receive all updates and new versions that are released after you buy. The only downfall I can see with this program is that a few of the features require that you upgrade to a paid edition. Merging as an English word is defined by the conjoining to two similar things into one. Download Paragon Partition Manager. As a system admin, partitions are always painful and you have made my life easier.

Shrink, expand, combine, and split partitions for free with these excellent disk partition management tools. The cloning process will copy and replicate everything including the data, azan alarm clock software the partitions and everything from the source disk drive. What We Like It's really easy to use and understand Some changes you make can be restored from a backup Many common disk partitioning tasks are supported. Download Macrorit Partition Expert.

Partition management programs let you create, delete, shrink, expand, split, or merge partitions on your hard drives or other storage devices. This feature has been added to the utility for those who want to recover a partition that was somehow deleted or lost. One thing I don't like about Macrorit Partition Expert is that it doesn't support dynamic disks.

The Best Disk Partition Manager Software for Windows PC

They offer the most useful step-by-step wizards to walk you through several common operations. The same stands true for two partitions and the merging of these partitions. Allocate Free Space Move free space from one partition to another without data loss. What We Don't Like Can't copy partitions Extending the system partition might not work for you Won't downsize locked volumes.

Download Tenorshare Partition Manager. While the software has a lot of features, it requires you to put the software on a bootable media and then use it which makes it less user-friendly. One downside that I think this software has is the user interface.

The new generated partition will be automatically set as logical partition. Or you can use this when you want to completely format the data on a drive and start afresh from it. You can use its various modules to increase or decrease the size of a partition, copy data to different partitions, merge two or more partitions. Install Partition Assistant today to take care of all your data management worries. Which One Is Right for Me There are numerous partitioning managers that one can obtain from the market nowadays.

Disk or partition cloning lets you upgrade your hard drive, and backup is a snap. You have the option to download the freeware version of Paragon Partition Manager but keep in mind that the functionality of the freeware is limited to a certain extent.

The list will start from the file that is biggest in size but it will move on to show smaller files as well. Now you can preview the unallocated space has been added into C drive. Change drive letter and paths. Purchase Tenorshare Partition Manager Here. Cute Partition Manager is completely text-based.


All the available operations are listed out on the side, and none of them are hidden away in menus. Mostly because of the similarity in the way both programs work. This means you might sometimes try to open something in the free version only to be prompted to buy the professional one. The list of pending operations is even shown on the side of the program so you can clearly see what will happen when you apply them. As you can see in the image above, the first screen that you see as soon as you open the program is quite self-explanatory.

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Download Active Partition Manager. Download Cute Partition Manager.

10 Free Disk Partition Software Tools

It is a disk management software which not only supports Windows but also supports Mac. For example, you can't make the bootable media program that they support unless you pay for it.