Emma approved cast dating

Emma approved cast dating

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Elton leaves Emma Approved as a client when Emma rebuffs him. She replaces Augusta Hawkins in the original novel. Hating the experience with the Eltons, Emma decides to change the direction of the company and focus on high-profile charity causes.

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Emma gets too distracted by the Boxx Hill event and ends up missing most of Annie's baby shower. Emma spends a lot of the series trying to mold Harriet in her own image, only to find that Harriet is best when she's being herself. He is boyish and charming and seems to have natural chemistry with Emma.

Emma often relies on his celebrity and money to pull her out of trouble. Emma approaches Harriet with the news that she and Alex are now together. He is the voice of reason in Emma's life and shows her extreme patience.

Emma helps the couple plan their engagement party. Since she is so successful and close in age to Emma, Emma feels a natural rivalry with Jane. Though she is often misguided, she has a big heart and is always trying to do what's best for the people around her. She and Emma organize a surprise for him, and Harriet and Bobby kiss. Alex spends much of the series struggling to hide his romantic feelings for Emma.

The show takes place entirely in the Emma Approved offices, where there are cameras set up in Emma's office and at Alex's, Harriet's and Jane's desks. Emma also speaks with clients and colleagues through video chat.

Emma approaches Harriet

Meanwhile, Harriet starts a music club playing ukulele. Weston in the novel is a cupcake mogul and one of Emma's matchmaking clients. Emma decides to throw an elite fundraiser in order for Maddy gain more clients, and Frank Churchill arrives to help. Emma helps her find clients for her financial consulting business. Emma decides to document her business successes to the chagrin of her business partner Alex Knightley.

The company is overburdened with going public, and a full documentary crew is filming their progress. Emma often teases him for his poor sense of style, but he's able to tease her right back with his characteristic snark. Alex returns to Emma Approved and confesses to Emma that he is in love with her. Harriet reveals she still has feelings for Bobby Martin.

Later in the series, Jane joins Emma Approved to help organize charity-related events. Harriet Smith Dayeanne Hutton is Emma's new assistant.

Maddy makes jams in her spare time and likes nothing better than talking about Jane. Maddy Bates, whose accounting business is struggling.

Frank Churchill Stephen Chang is a high-profile entrepreneur who is constantly jetsetting to other countries to do business. When she returns, Izzy Knightley arrives, Emma's sister and Alex's sister-in-law.