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These verses are known as Naat or Nasheed. If you are a general user or webmaster, and want to know how it works? Shah sahab please remember all muslims in your good prayers. May he live long and recite as beautifully as he used to recite.

Please tell your schedule or timings or program. May you and your beautiful voice will remain with us ever. It must will go super hit show if you would be the host.

Many other famous Naat khuwan and you will recite your best naats. May Allah bless you with good health. He recite naat with full feelings or by heart. May you live long and we will listen your voice ever.

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Please do bring your new naat collection your fans are dying to listen new naats of you. Aap ki naat sun k bht sukoon milta hy. Ye naat bht purani mery bachpan ki hy. Aap ki old naats he mashaAllah bht khub have.

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All of historical and latest famous Fasihuddin Soharwardi Naats are listed at Urduwire. Fasihuddin Soharwardi is a respectable naat Khuwan of Pakistan and have always delivered his message appropriately through his naats. Fasih Uddin Soharwardi has most impressive personality among all the naat khawan in Pakistan, pakistani pashto songs he is also the most respectable religious personality.

May Allah always bless you give you long long life. May you live long life with good health. Keejeye Maaf Ab Meri Khatayen. He is a world famous naat khawan. Qalb-o-Nazar Mein Noor Ki.

He have recited numerous naats on various occasions but the one which i like the most is Lam Yati Nazeero Kafi Nazarin. Na Dolat Na Maalo Khazeenay. Kis Nay Zarron Ko Utthaya. Kuch Hijr-e-Nabi Ka Zikar.

Trigi Mein Noor Ki Baatain. If you are a melodious Naat-Khawan and want to see your Naats at eNaats, upload your Naats on Youtube and email us the links. Nigahain Lutf Kay Umeedwar.

May Allah give you health and long long life. He is my inspiration for being a naat khawan. Masha Allah you have a magnetic voice.

The feelings of this naat is so great. Yoon Muqaddar Mera Sanwar Jaata. We will keep adding Naat-Khawan on regular basis.

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Masha Allah All ny unhy bht izzat or Shohrat bakhshi hy. MashaAllah your way of Reciting naat is so good. Kabhi Dekhoon Mein Madina. May Allah bless him with good health.

About Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi

May allah always bless you. They whey recite i feel like listen again and again naats in their beautiful voice.

Syed Fasih Uddin Soharwardi has a great magical voice which gave him success and likes from whole country. Please tell me complete information that how I can contact Fasih Uddin Soharwardi so that he can come in my home on Mehfil e milad and share his best naat with us. We will inshaAllah upload the Naats here.

From very small age i was listinig your naats and now Alhamdollilah can recite naat with full of my heart and in a good manner. We are committed to become the best Naats portal online. Meray Aaqa Meray Lajpaal Madinay. Ya Rubb-e-Mohammad Meri Taqdeer. If you have Massive Download Traffic Don't waste your time.

Payam-Khaliq Banam-e-Khalqat. Fasihud din Soharwardi Sahab you are much liked him here. May Allah always bless him ang give him good health and we always listen naats in his beautiful voice. Taiba Bula Lo Shah-e-Madinah. Allah aap ko or bh Izzat or shohrat ata farmaye.

Mustafa Jaan-e-rehmat-pe-Lakhon. May Allah give you long long life. However there are very few resources out there to keep the trend alive by sharing the best Naat collection online.

Khaliq-e-Aalem Shenshah-e-Kareem. You are the best Naat Khawan in Asia. Kindly add Naat sharifs of Al haj owais raza qadri. Our Naat collection is in multiple languages and we provide the lyrics as well.

Mitt-tay Hain Jahan Bhar Kay. Allah aap ko sehat k saat lambi zindagi ata farmaye. Ya Shafee-al-Wara Salam-un-Alaiyk.

May Allah give them long life with good health. Sayyed-e-Konain Ya Khair-ul-Bashar. Maangnay Waalo Duaaon Mein. Please do recite some new naats for your fans and i also have this request that do recite Qaseeda Burda Shareef in your voice. Allah aap ko sehat k sath lambi zindagi Ata kary.


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