Htc one x gaming boost xdating

Htc one x gaming boost xdating

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From there, enable Quick Controls mode. Tap the blue button in the top-right corner to reveal another set of effects such as distortion, sepia, vignette and more.

With this widget, you can have a basic calculator only a swipe away. Get extra predictions via drop-down list If you often find that your intended word isn't in the top three predictions, there is a drop-down button to view additional predictions. Having a calculator on your phone is great, but you always have to find the icon. While the One X typically includes a set of Beats by Dr. Home screen calculator widgets The calculator widget deserves a special mention.

Fortunately, Google recently released its Calendar app to the Play store. Slow-motion video To film slow-motion video, look to the top of the scenes list for the corresponding option. Swipe for keyboard sections With default settings in force, swiping sideways across the keyboard switches between the Qwerty keyboard and the two numeric and symbol keyboards. While in a call, switch to speakerphone by laying the phone on its front. If you're using beta software, disable Fast Boot.

However, Fast Boot isn't thorough enough when clearing temporary data, which can prevent a reboot from curing a problem caused by a bug-ridden application. The One X has two speakers, a loudspeaker on the rear of the phone and a speaker above the front display, serving as the earpiece.

With just a few simple tweaks of the settings, you can make typing in text less of a chore, get more creative with your camera and fine-tune the interface until your thumbs get sore. For a some creative fun, you can use this effect to play random tunes. The second microphone is located on the bottom. There is a horizontally scrolling carousel of all home screens shown at the top of the screen, which enables you to quickly add widgets and shortcuts to multiple home screens. The One X also features a standard array of sensors including a digital compass, proximity sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and ambient light sensor.