Iapril fools online dating

Iapril fools online dating

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The first was the Plain White T's in iRue the Day Dan replied to a fan in regards to One Direction's appearance on the show, that iCarly producers did not say Harry was the main focus of the episode. In a Victorious episode, April Fools Blank, the iCarly cast are seen briefly in a bubble dressed as they are at the end of this episode. This is the second time when Spencer's hair was compared to that of a female. Minko's drawing of Poachy inside the elevator has the chick in front of the glass, not behind it.

Though played by Matt Bennett in the scene, this is the second time Gibby is seen alongside Rex from Victorious. Spencer referring to Freddie marrying either Carly or Sam is a jab at the Creddie vs. In production, though this was the first episode to air for this season, it was the third episode filmed. The first time was in iHatch Chicks when Benedict was stuck inside, the second was the cat in iQuit iCarly. This episode premiered on the same night that One Direction was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

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But, in the original scene, she has a pink handle and pink bag. Dan Schneider reprises his role as Dennis Blunden in a voice-over cameo.

At the beginning, Spencer has a short beard, but it is shaved throughout the rest of the episode. The iCarly cast watch an episode of Head of the Class. Spencer eventually talks to the girl about how she has to be nicer and tries to give her a makeover, but fails. The blinking sound effect is also the same.

The first time he did this was in iGive Away a Car. Unfortunately for him, she doesn't want to train, but rather sends her bratty daughter Bethany. Trivia This episodes title originally was iGot Jungle Worms.

He's still not better after a week and Carly takes care of him. It becomes evident that the members of One Direction do not watch iCarly in England, because they did not know about Sam's butter sock. During the recreation of the iPilot episode, the handle of Carly's bag is brown. This episode marks the last appearance of Dr.

Although she is cured of her symptoms after two days, Dr. You know, I really, really don't. The first time was in iGot a Hot Room.

This is the second time a musical guest has appeared in iCarly. Like with the Victorious April Fools episode, the opening titles were changed with visual effects and clips from previous episodes added. Freddie wears a slightly different shirt in this same iPilot scene than he did in the original. When I booked them to appear on iCarly, I didn't know if they could act or not.

Sure, I'll heat up a pair in the dryer. Meanwhile, Spencer finds an exercise machine on the junkyard. Also, they were extremely nice, polite, and professional on set.

Jeremy Rowley makes a returning appearance as Lewbert Sline. Dresdin warns that she might still be contagious. This is the third time Dr. Matt Bennett makes a guest appearance as Gibby in a scene that takes place in the Victorious set. This is the second time the iCarly gang felt bad for a plant, the first time was in iParty with Victorious when they discuss how weeds are unwanted.

This is the second time Spencer is inside a spaceship. Gibby still has his head replica from iStill Psycho. When the British-Irish boyband One Direction accepts an invitation to iCarly, band member Harry gets sick after he drinks from Carly's water bottle. Uh, we just hang out and talk about stuff that happened to us in the past. At the Groovy Smoothie, the others are wondering why Harry isn't better after a week.

Quick announcement, I am not currently dating anyone. The end credits shows a blooper from Jennette while rapping in iParty with Victorious.