Ikuta Toma Revealed to be Dating Co-Star Seino Nana

Ikuta toma dating

The woman was wearing a cap

He also has gone out for meals with the band members. They seem to be heading to a deserted park after their dinner date at a Japanese restaurant earlier, where they had spent about two hours. Considered a semi-autobiographical novel, Ikuta plays the role of Oba Yozo, a troubled soul who is forced to keep up a facade of hollow jocularity in his everyday life. Matsumoto-kun from Arashi always comes along too. Excuse me, I'm from Friday.

This raises suspicions with his girlfriend played by Manami Higa who becomes afraid Tooru might be cheating on her. They even intertwined their fingers, playfully fought for her bag, and he put his arm around her shoulder. It was the first time that the lead actor of a film adaptation of a novel appeared on the covers of all the works written by the author. When the life of one of the jury members, a housewife played by Ai Kato is also endangered, Tooru tries to help. He sometimes go drinking together with us as well.

In other words, she might be someone he looks up to. But, decked out in black sunglasses, Yoshitaka Yuriko seemed to have had the most fun that night, the tabloid reports.

After leaving the bar they

Foul play comes into the picture as the members of the jury begin to be threatened. They continued chatting there, and laughter could occasionally be heard.

He flagged a taxi but only she got into it. To onlookers, the actresses didn't appear to hold their liquor all that well.

Who is Ikuta Toma girlfriend

She usually has a neat and clean image, so the sight of her in such a state was a big surprise for the customers. After leaving the bar, they hailed a taxi then headed for a karaoke room in Meguro, Tokyo.

The woman was wearing a cap to hide her identity, but the customers were quick to recognize her as Motokariya Yuika. The first woman who was recognized was the model and actress, Mori Kanna, who didn't yet look tipsy at all. Ikuta Toma is known to be an avid fan of the band. Ikuta-kun is definitely just a friend.

She usually has a neat and

They chatted as they crossed the street, heading towards a dim alleyway. After a while, they started walking again, out of the park towards the main street. Unfortunately, I'm married laughs. The tabloid's story begins at a darts bar in Shibuya, Tokyo. But Kawakita Nao is also a married woman.

But it was only the two of you the other day. He casually reached for her hand and they walked hand-in-hand, eventually linking arms. His role as the silent but constant observer that uncovers the events of the drama to the audience earned him another Best Supporting Actor award.