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Broadly speaking, Italian opera can be divided into two periods, the baroque and the romantic. Verdi's operas resonated with the growing spirit of Italian nationalism in the post- Napoleonic era, and he quickly became an icon of the patriotic movement for a unified Italy. Italian folk styles are as diverse as the regional cultures of Italy themselves. Approximately at this time, matt pokora dating Italian flagellants developed the Italian folk hymns known as spiritual laude.

In the late s and early s, emigrants from Naples and southern Naples took their popular Neapolitan songs with them abroad, where these gained further popularity. These motifs never are expanded upon, and just as the audience expects a character to launch into a long melody, a new character speaks, introducing a new phrase. In Falstaff, Verdi sets the preeminent standard for the form and style that would dominate opera throughout the twentieth century.

La traviata was also novel. These final two works showed Verdi at his most masterfully orchestrated, and are both incredibly influential, and modern.

Carl Maria von Weber established German Romantic opera in opposition to the dominance of Italian bel canto. Italians, however, tended to prefer more traditional pieces and established standards, and only a limited audience sought new styles of experimental classical music.

Instrumental music A few composers started writing instrumental music, rather than opera. In the rest of southern Italy polyphony is seldom choral and groups usually use unison singing in two or three parts carried by a single performer. His most famous piece is Four Seasons is still played across the world today. Rock leggero of the s and s, e.

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Opera would never be the same after Wagner and for many composers his legacy proved a heavy burden. Neapolitan music The influence of Naples in the history of musical traditions has spread well beyond the boundaries of Italy. One of the most prolific composers of religious music was Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina c. The first of these, Rigoletto, proved the most daring and revolutionary. The early madrigal was simpler than the more well-known later madrigals, usually consisting of tercets arranged polyphonically for two voices, with a refrain called a ritornello.

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Musicians who compose and sing their own songs are called cantautori singer-songwriters. Italian folk musicians use the dialect or language of their own regional tradition.

Statue of Pierluigi da Palestrina in Palestrina, Lazio. The operatic innovations of Arnold Schoenberg and his successors are discussed in the section on modernism. Wagner also brought a new philosophical dimension to opera in his works, which were usually based on stories from Germanic or Arthurian legend. Northern ballad-singing is syllabic, with a strict tempo and intelligible lyrics, while southern styles use a rubato tempo, nasal timbre and a strained, tense vocal style. Nevertheless, native forms would develop in spite of this influence.

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