Institute for Mercenary Profiling

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The game proceeds in real-time until a member of one force spots an enemy. Wounds can be bandaged by using first aid kits. This can be repeated until all status points are maxed out.

Then go to the options menu, return to the starting screen of the game and start a new game and re-enter I. Exhausted characters will fall to the ground until they regain some energy. These include weapons, armour, tools and miscellaneous items. Mercenaries who dislike each other will complain often and eventually one of the two mercenaries will quit. If this happens to the health attribute your newly bought mercenary will appear dead on screen.

Some unspent action points will also be carried over to the next round. The game received positive scores from reviewers.

Each weapon has a brief description. Weapons may be improved via special attachments, for instance a silencer or bipod. The game also features weapons that do not cause loud noise and camouflage kits, which when used may disguise the merc in his environment. Mercs can attack enemies in many different ways.

Mercs can run, walk, swim, crouch or crawl. This prevents the character from bleeding and losing more health but doesn't restore health points. Two commercial releases of the mod Wildfire are also available as official expansion packs. The descriptions are informal and often humorous. When a mercenary runs very low on health, the character falls to the ground slowly dying, unable to do anything until medically treated.

Some unspent action points

Characters have an energy level, restored by sleep, rest, fluids or injections. Mercs can be hired with their own combat equipment.

Apart from this, a mercenary can also have two or one highly developed special skills enhancing a certain aspect of his or her performance such as night operations, or lockpicking. Gold has seen numerous community mods after its release. In fact, it is not required to capture any towns.

Institute for Mercenary Profiling

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