Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee Video

What all of you really wanted was experience of the coffee, not the cup, but you unconsciously went for the best cups. This particular cup has a texture that feels soft, smooth and welcoming to hold. This is the kind of story that truly touches your soul and puts life into perspective.

Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee

It is about seven in the morning here in Bangkok, and light is just about to break into dawn. It left me feeling inspired, clearheaded and reconnected with what really matters.

So, please complete viewing the video first, then only continue reading. For me, it is about creating lasting memories and sharing them. Thankyou for this pause for meaningful thought!

As an afterthought, Life is like a cup of Coffee is a powerful story. Life is all about finding balance, and appreciating what is really important. Enjoy healthy food and learn valuable skills that will last a life time. To an untrained eye, diamonds may appear like useless ugly rocks, google play store update easily dismissed as worthless for its lackluster appearance.

Life is like a cup of coffee, but is it true that we all really focus too much on the cup and not on the coffee? And yes, they would most likely not rush to choose the best looking cup for their coffee. Even if it takes you to a different land. Sweeten the tea with syrup to your personal liking, and then add a trickle of lemon juice.

Life is like a Cup of Coffee

My First Article for Elephant Journal. Do not merely write-off something based on how it looks on the outside. Very powerful and thought provoking. We tend to fall for what looks good on the outside.

While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. Sure, a nice looking cup may help make the experience of drinking the coffee interesting. As I am in Thailand at the present moment, I make time to discover their unique serving of teas.

The blue tea is very special, made from an exquisite flower native of Thailand. While it is, of course normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that can also be the source of much of your dissatisfaction, problems and stress. But I understood the message! Prev Article Next Article.

Life is like a cup of coffee! Savour the coffee, not the cups! You can watch by clicking the three-and-a-half-minute video below or read the story below it.



This one was especially impactful, and really changed my perspective this morning. In most cases it is just chosen because its perceived to be more special or expensive. At the end of the day, it is vital to know what makes us happy and what completes us.

The transformed Butterfly Pea Flower Tea. Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee. From the picture below, the glasses are all about the same, except for one. Book your mindfulness retreat today and learn meditation and the art of mindful living in a beautiful, tranquil location.

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Otherwise, we will not even look twice. Learn how being afraid is human, but staying afraid is a choice. The landlord is a shady guy trying to get people out to jack up the rents. Therefore, the experience is what matters to me above all else.

Do not be afraid to take the road less travelled. Being brave is not just about standing alone and doing things on your own.

Life is like a Cup of Coffee

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Those, my friends, are more rare to find than diamonds in a hay stack. Known for her down-to-earth, engaging and authentic teaching style, she has guided thousands of people through her popular retreats and courses.

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Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee