Lucy Watson's boyfriend James Dunmore gives advice on Basic Bitch line

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Jamie seemed to be very keen about her but, she seemed hot and cold for him and their affair ultimately came to end after she hooked up with Oliver Proudlock. Shortly after, they were spotted out on various events and functions. Hell hath no fury like Lucy Watson scorned.

And, there's no two ways of putting this, Binky gets an eyeful of peen. Crazy Party, Disco, and Cirque le Soir.

In easier Made in Chelsea news, it seems as though Ollie Locke is returning to the show. After making their relationship public, they headed out for a series of well-publicized holiday trips.

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Even though Lucy said that she wanted to leave the show because she wanted to follow her dreams do other projects. At the moment she's decided not to because she's loved up.

Sounds interesting, let's dive in. Oh hang on, that's just something we dream will happen. And now, Lucy Watson apparently left the show that made her career for Dunmore, he was also associated with the show.

Even though Lucy said that she