Mamba dating site review

Mamba dating site review

There is also a leader game, where you pay money to be the leader in your region thereby being featured dominantly in the leader box until somebody else pays more money. It happened almost immediately, much to my surprise. Contrast this to the desktop version which presents them in a similar fashion but with a lot of space wasted on the sidebars which contain no practical information.

They might be looking for marriage, but also for a conversation partner or whatever. You will be able to specify the gender of the partner that you are looking for as well as the purpose of the encounter. During our tests, only when searches were conducted for partners in major metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada did we get a reasonable number of suggested matches.

If things dont work out then I will be back. The guys who spent the most money and the girls who received the most roses are siloviki.

For the latter, you can choose from a long-term relationship, casual sex, or virtual conversation. The disadvantages of Mamba. And it leaves you with an aftertaste that mamba.

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The layout does not make the best use of your desktop. Interpreting the user terms in this way also defeats the purpose of importing Facebook profile pictures, as Facebook acts as an image editor for the purpose of cropping pictures. Together with the requirement that the pictures can only feature you, this more or less disqualified all of my pictures, because most of my pictures were cropped.

Based on that, unless you are specifically looking for partners exclusively for virtual conversations, using it as a dating discovering feature is going to be difficult. When our testers used different parts of North America as their location, the personals feature failed to return any results or only returned literally one or two. These include gender, lifestyle, age range, and location.

When we first accessed Mamba

We can only speculate that this feature is currently in the process of being improved. The navigation bar at the top is easy to access, but even so, the overall look leaves a lot to be desired. Other uses of credits are sending virtual gifts to draw the attention of this woman to your profile. When the testers used locations outside of the United States, the personals feature returned a larger number of listings.

Or at least people who have pictures who do not correspond with what they are in reality. Here men and women look for partners abroad. When we first accessed Mamba, we used their desktop version. Contact is very easily established, but just as easily lost.

When our testers attempted to search in areas that were more sparsely populated, they were lucky to get one or two local results. Good pictures are quintessential for dating ladies on mamba. Essentially, you are presented with the profile images of potential matches. Upon doing that, you will be able to identify the sort of relationship that you are seeking.

Here men and women look