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She starts crying in one episode and occasionally shows evidence of a crush on Hei. Japanese comic books and print cartoons.

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She eventually does develop the ability to think for herself. Huang deliberately got into a car chase with Syndicate agents so he could lure them off and blow them up with a bomb he'd planted in his car. He can't bring himself to. The official art of the series heavily leans towards him being in love with her. The group was established as a means to aid the many competing wrestling promotions in Japan.

As a Doll, she's supposed to lack emotions. Mayuko, Kiko friends says after she first sees her. She is half-Russian, half-Japanese. Her silver hair hints at her supernatural nature as a Doll and her powers. However, this is probably just due to exposure, since several characters are very surprised when he starts talking.

He's the one who relays missions to Hei. According to her mother, christian dating free single site a copy of the real Suou.

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Mao is very clear on the point that he's not a squirrel, just a cat temporarily in a squirrel body. In the second season, simply by being alive Yin could end the world. She always has the same cold expression in her face.

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Her real name is Kirsi and she's Finnish. Well, a human in a cat's body, anyway. Guess I better pick up the Person of Mass Destruction by the front of his shirt and scream in his face! Apparently Kiko introduced her to slash fic.

In the second season, where he now inhabits Suo's pet momonga. His voice sounds exactly the same and disproportionately deep as a cat, a bird, or a flying squirrel, and one character who knew him as a human recognizes him by it.

Her memories are mostly fabricated. Not exactly the cuddliest guy, but he has a good heart and he's definitely far from being a Cold Sniper.

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Asks Hei to kill her to destroy Izanami. He never stops calling Contractors monsters or insulting Hei, but is ultimately pretty friendly with the rest of his team. Yin, which means silver in Chinese, is only a nickname to fit the Colourful Theme Naming of the group. Since she's a Doll, Yin is obedient, quiet and stoic and supposedly lacks a will of her own.