Meteor Garden Theme Song

Shan Cai and Si experience several ups-and-downs as they get to know one another. Only hand-picked trending news. Shan Cai stands up to him for not accepting her friend's apology. They are heirs to four rich and influential families in Taiwan.


Shan Cai later returns to the roof, where she finds an angry Si. She declares that she will not be bullied by anyone.

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The widely popular Taiwanese adaptation that aired in the Philippines in is largely credited for the popularity of Asian pop groups and drama series in the country. He is also in love with Shancai but is willing to stay her friend only. The series gained immense popularity in India, making it the No. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Shan Cai loses a card game to Si, who tells her to treat him to dinner. While searching for shelter, they are trapped in an elevator and spend the night together. Shan Cai later attends Jing's birthday party. Meteor Garden had more than eight runs in the Philippines.


Si becomes jealous and bullies Shan Cai. He seems to always cause the family financial problems. Also, he is the joker who is very loyal to his group of friends.

Even though there are no specific dates yet on when it will air on the Philippines, fans can expect that will be shown on the Kapamilya network. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Well, my name says it all.

Who would forget the rich-boy-meets-poor-girl love story of Shan Cai Barbie and Dao Ming Si Jerry who started off as enemies and eventually became lovers? He is always sneaking food and seems to have no luck with his job which he later loses.

Focus on jailing drugs lords instead of banning rap songs. It contains thirteen songs, in which ten songs are English songs. We are where the Filipinos are. Shan Cai tries to convince Jing to stay for Lei's sake.

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Causeo if its about fandom people were talking about. She is very strict and everything mostly goes her way. Accomodation option available in the market. Qing He later confronts Si and challenges him to a round of fishing. However, a photo of Shan Cai and Thomas in bed begins circulating.

Lei becomes depressed by the prospect of her imminent departure. At the airport, everyone, except Lei, says goodbye to Jing.


Tai performed two different versions for the remake. He is at first is angry at Shan Cai for her defiance but, over time, he comes to love her. This was followed up with a sequel and a full-length film finale. With just around a week to go before the much-awaited remake airs, fans of the original series are making their nostalgia known.

While she is a loving mother, she is desperate to get Shancai married to a rich man. However, according to the producer, the series was only inspired by the Manga series and was not based on it.

Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai kiss after watching the meteor shower. As early as now, fans of Meteor Garden are excited for the release of its modern remake which will premiere some time later this year. Meanwhile, the modern remake of Meteor Garden will feature Chinese actress Shen Yue who will take on the iconic female protagonist, learn to earn by peter lynch Shan Cai. Meteor Garden releases new rendition of its theme song by Staff Report Entertainment.

He grabs her wrists and forces a kiss on her. Outside, Lei saves Shan Cai from being assaulted by two guys. He is a quiet, superior but a kind boy whose opinion Dao Ming Si relies on. He falls for her, while she has a crush on his friend, Hua Ze Lei Chen.

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He is also nice to Shan Cai. Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio. When Lei swoops in to save her, Si ends his friendship with him. It has since then bounced around airwaves in East Asia. At the same time, Shan Cai witnesses Lei confessing his love to Jing.