The xx On Growing Up Without Growing Apart

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It was a decision that me, Romy, and Jamie made. There was a man in the audience professing his love for Romy, and she stepped to the mic and softly thanked him. We're really quite a huge melting pot of different stuff. They played almost every single song from both their first and second albums, every one being recognized and cheered for upon the first few chords strummed or beats released from the speakers. The show featured live visual effects and had a limited capacity.

Some artists are able to eclipse that slight appeal and build a fanbase no matter what their sexual preference is, and the xx are the perfect example. The Mercury Prize judges might as well just surrender, give them their award now and save us all a lot of unnecessary pontification. Slowly, stealthily, the xx are becoming ubiquitous, garnering over half a million sales around the world without ever having anything as vulgar as a hit.

He brings some much lower frequencies of bass into the band. Club music has definitely had an influence on the next record. Its alumni include cerebral groovers Hot Chip, abstract electronic artist Four Tet, shadowy dubstep producer Burial and folktronic singer-songwriter Adem.

Hopefully we'll get it done in time for most festivals next year, because that's the most fun. And then, you know, like some sort of estranged auntie. Each festival culminated in a nighttime concert by the band. The light show and back drop helps to make the entire xx experience feel like both a gothic rave or part a sensual slow dance.

This led to the band playing the track on an episode of Newsnight. We're just about to start recording.

Slowly stealthily the xx are becomingSome artists are able toThe Mercury Prize

Sometimes it really is the quiet ones you have to watch. But if I was singing about a guy, I would probably be singing a similar kind of love song, really. It is like urban music reinterpreted by the Cocteau Twins, all shadows and whispers instead of bling and bombast.

Croft, however, seemed horrified when a journalist asserted during an interview that most of their songs were about sex. You can hide a multitude of musical sins on a multi-track, from sloppy playing to dull ideas, but when you strip everything back to basics what is left has to be perfection itself.