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Paleogene palaeogeography and basin evolution of the Western Carpathians, Northern Pannonian domain and adjoining areas. Monitoring of riparian vegetation response to flood disturbances using terrestrial photography. Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy.

Distribution of local

Using caves in active tectonic studies Western Carpathians, case study. Global and Planetary Change. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies. Depositional environment changes during the early-late Serravallian boundary dated by the Central Paratethys bioevents. Confirmation of heterochronous evolution of sedimentary environments.

International Journal of Geographical Information Science. Utilization of comparison of curvatures for land surface segmentation. Neogene changes in palaeogeography, palaeoenvironment and the provenance of sediment in the Northern Danube Basin.

Definition computation and utilizationUsing caves inEvaluation of objectbased image analysis for

Land-surface segmentation to delineate elementary forms from Digital Elevation Models. Dependence of gully networks on faults and lineaments networks, case study from Hronska Pahorkatina Hill Land. Central European Journal of Geosciences.

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Definition, computation and utilization of changes of curvatures. Distribution of local landforms at head and end points of gullies on different grid spacing. Evaluation of object-based image analysis for morphostructural subdivision of the Western Carpathians. Contribution to Geophysics and Geodesy. Determination of shear surface of landslides using electrical resistivity tomography.

Determination of shear surface of landslidesContribution to Geophysics and Geodesy