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The city of Ponce can be seen in the far background. They harshly criticized Winship's actions as governor and said he had numerous abuses of civil rights.

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Vice-mayor Delis Castillo Rivera de Santiago finished his term. The northern part of the municipality is considered to be within the rainy western mountains. It has also been the birthplace of several important political figures of the island, including Luis A.

These eleven barrios composed what is known as the urban zone of the municipality. Census Bureau provides detailed demographics statistics for each of Ponce's barrios.

Most of the populated parts of the municipality, however, are located at lower elevations and have lower rainfall. This can be seen in the various structures located in the center of the city like the Teatro La Perla. The commonwealth government, subsequently, relocated hundreds of people to a new community built on stable ground. The ruggedness of these barrios is because through these areas of the municipality runs the Central Mountain Range of the Island. For example, it serves as the southern hub for the Judiciary of Puerto Rico.

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Ponce has nine barrios that border neighboring municipalities. International help was needed to rescue people and recover corpses. They are delimetered by streets, rivers, or major highways. These last eight are outside the city limits and are neither coastal nor bordering barrios. The central area of the municipality is part of the semi-arid southern hills.

The historic zone of the city is within these original six core city barrios. The driest month is January, which receives less than an inch of rain. The Cerrillos State Forest is also located in the municipality of Ponce. In recent years, Ponce has solidified its position as the second most important city of Puerto Rico based on its economic progress and increasing population. Cordero was succeeded by Francisco Zayas Seijo.

To showcase its rich architectural heritage, the city has opened the Museum of Puerto Rican Architecture at the Wiechers-Villaronga residence. Roughly two thirds of the total rainfall occurs in the wettest five months. The city is the governmental seat of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce, and the regional hub for various commonwealth entities.