Read waltham forest guardian online dating

Read waltham forest guardian online dating

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We have a new trendy-looking library, but with substantially fewer books than before.

To state the true facts, the gallery currently opens every Tuesday to Saturday and one Sunday every month. We have no decent places for our local artists to exhibit their works. Waltham Forest currently has the fourth smallest economy in London.

To state the true factsAll this council produces is a

The Waltham Forest Growth Commission last night published its findings on the borough's strengths and weaknesses and made recommendations about how to grow the economy. Barbara Kiser London Jonathan Glancey hits the nail on the head in identifying the key threat to the William Morris Gallery as the loss of curatorial expertise.

Nor does the council promote our wonderful multicultural high-street market, the longest street market in Europe. The denial of the closure threat is disingenuous. Councillor Sarkar dodges the staffing issue, which his council clearly does not understand.

All this council produces is a cultural desert. This loss remains a distinct threat to the gallery's unique collection. The council originally voted to reduce opening to just Saturdays and Sundays, and, faced with massive local pressure, later conceded two weekday afternoons.

In February the council voted to cut hours at the gallery and the local history museum and archives, Vestry House, to effectively three days a week, down from five. We have no cinema in Walthamstow, despite Cllr Sarkar's reassurances. Without such expertise, the gallery will wither and die. Academic friends and experts are horrified at the council's approach to the local cultural heritage of Waltham Forest.

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Sarkar says nothing, of course, of the shameful dismissal of Peter Cormack, a world expert on Morris who has devoted himself to the gallery for three decades, from his curatorial post. It was also said that the state of the high streets was a driving factor behind pessimism about economic prospects. The real shock is that the council has suddenly done a U-turn on its earlier decision to slash hours.