Red ranger vs green ranger latino dating

Red ranger vs green ranger latino dating

As Goldar seems to have the upper hand, the Rangers discover they could form the Megazord. It is unknown if she can be revived. She morphs into her battle-damaged Ranger costume to show Trini who she was and reveals she's killed the Yellow Ranger before her. Like a serial killer, she takes great pride in her body count, reminiscing about how she killed the previous Yellow Ranger after breaking into Trini's house with the intent to kill her.

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In the movie, it is shown that she was originally Zordon's Green Ranger, but later went rogue. As a Ranger herself, Rita is trained to do battle. Realizing that Zordon would lose respect for her if she doesn't kill at least one of them, she kills Billy by dropping him in the water and strangling him. Rita, with her gold manipulation powers restored goes to the mine where Goldar's been dispersed and begins to reform him.

She uses this to recreate her staff and create Goldar. She was later recovered by a fishing boat, thus resurrecting her in a severely weakened state.

Its powers works properly once completed and embedded with her Power Coin. She was the Green Ranger in Zordon's team and continues to use the Green Ranger powers in conjunction with her own. As her body and mind gradually recover with amount of gold she consumed, Rita used the rest to reforge her golden staff to house her Green Coin. It is not stated explicitly why she turned evil, but it can be assumed that she was corrupted by lust for the power of the Zeo Crystal.

Her murders made the news all over the Angel Grove where the public labeled her as Angel Grove's Gold Killer through her motives of killing. For the movie version of this character, see Rita Repulsa movie. She is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. The Rangers meet her at the docks in an attempt to kill her, but lacking the ability to morph, she defeats the team handily, binding the Rangers in ropes.

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By the time she just finished, a police officer attempted to arrest her, prompting her to frighten him to the point of him shot her with his shotgun in close range. She then proceeds to threaten the shop proprietor to give her all of available golden jewelry and consume some portion of them, much to the proprietor's disgust.

Power Rangers Cast Wants Another Woman

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The Rangers battle Rita, her putties, and Goldar with their Zords. Even Zordon described her as a purely evil being, which is befitting, considering what she had become nowadays. Rita's weapon of choice made of pure gold which allows her to reconstruct rocks and gold and make semi-sentient beings out of them. Rita is able to use her superhuman strength to perform super jumps, as shown when she leapt towards the Megazord. Possessed of delusions of grandeur, she ruthlessly slaughters everyone and everything that stands in her way in pursuit of her ambition.

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