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INTRODUCTION - SAP SD Questions and Answers Book

In which document can you enter the serial number for material? Name the transaction code for it. In what manner Copy Control transition can be done? What is the transaction code that can be used to delete a sales order? How is the item text copied from sales order to delivery?

What is the disadvantage of individual requirement over summarized requirement? Rush Order In this order type, delivery of good is picked by customer or you deliver the goods on the same day when the order is placed. The system calculates the earliest possible date based on the material available date. Billing and order delivery will be done on the same day. What is the role of a pro forma invoice billing document?

How will you define regional code? How can you change the description of the area menu maintenance?

How are the rebate agreement types defined? What is the most important concern that needs to be taken care of when creating delivery notes in different languages?

Why is warehouse management used? Imagine you are defining tax determination rule for a country which has regional tax code also. What is the purpose of using the delivery process?

Imagine that you have canceled the invoice. The discount given previously for each characteristic may vary from customer to customer.

INTRODUCTION - SAP SD Questions and Answers Book

What are outline agreements? List the steps for a condition technique. Why is the account determination used by the system?

Partial amount in each bill till full amount is billed. However, at the same time the data from the second company code is also available. You have also changed its description, but in the area menu the changed description does not appear. Consider a case when a customer orders specific quantity of a product on a particular day. What is the difference between inter company sales and intra company sales?

How do you maintain condition exclusion group? How can you change the sales document type of a sales order once you have saved it? What are the different ways of getting sales output with respect to the sales organization of customers? How can you configure a status profile to sales documents?

Give the menu path to define the forms of payment guarantee. After the delivery of goods, customer raises a claim damaged articles, a delivery can be created free of charge with reference to the sales order. Using condition type you can also put different condition types for each pricing, discounts on goods, tax and surcharge that occurs in business transactions. What are the transaction codes used for this purpose? How can you configure a status profile?

Second it really doesn't matter much if you could not answer few questions but it matters that whatever you answered, you must have answered with confidence. If you are fresher then interviewer does not expect you will answer very complex questions, all that remains hold on mp3 rather you have to make your basics concepts very strong. Specify the purpose of maintaining the common distribution channels and the common divisions. Which types of stock are available to select from while carrying out the availability check? What is the use of a loading group?

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List a menu path to access stock requirements lists. How is the pricing procedure determined? In case you have to use both discount types, two separate condition types has to be defined in the system. How do you maintain access sequence in material determination?

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What is third-party order process? When is the cash sale process used? How do you define requirement class? The problem with the second alternative is to have different pricing for the same order type. How can you define the loading groups?

SAP SD Questions and Answers Book

Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. How can you print an invoice multiple times? What are the constituents of the organizational data in the System? What can be the cause this problem?

This is required when incorrect quantity of goods is delivered to customer. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.

When is the debit process used? List the items for which you can create incompletion logs. List the five important fields that need to be maintained during the account determination. Sales support stores all the data related to sales and distribution related to customers, products, materials, competitor products, etc. In this order type delivery of the order is executed immediately when the order has been entered.

Product Proposal helps an organization to increase the sales by recommended other products to the already added products or by replacing one already added. What is the need of user exit? Give the menu path to define forms.

SAP SD Questions and Answers

So just feel confident during your interview. What happens if there is a negative posting in billing document? What do you need to configure before dunning? List the activities for which you can set up the partner determination. Explain the basic elements to be configured during the availability check process.

What do you mean by user exit? Is there any way to find out how to configure this?