Sci fi speed dating tv show

Sci fi speed dating tv show

It also became rapidly apparent that I was not nerdy enough for this, and while that might seem like a good thing in the ordinary world, it was a very bad thing here. If I have one complaint about Sci-Fi Speed Dating it is that the ages of all participants varied quite widely. Anyway, as a result of all these borderline unethical shenanigans, I was starting to struggle slightly less with my own reasons for being there. You have three minutes to talk to the person in front of you before the men rotate clockwise to the next lady.

The whole process was all kind of a blur since there were just over thirty rounds, but I do know that my conversations ended up feeling slightly scripted every time. We were told to take our seats, and very fortunately the girls would remain seated for the duration of the speed dating process. Well I was the sci-fi speed dating version of that person. The waiver, by the way was a release for that show Geek Love, which was filming inside the sessions.

Over the last seven years Sci-Fi Speed Dating has produced an impressive number of marriages, engagements, babies, and relationships. For the most part, Sci-Fi Speed Dating is like any other speed dating experiences.

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Most of these ones seemed like creeps, so I was pretty glad that they were kicked to the curb by the organizers before they were able to interact with me. All in all, I really enjoyed the process.

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Other than that though, I definitely recommend that you check this out if you are single, ready to mingle, and attending a con in the near future. The rest of the experience seems fairly self-explanatory.