Daring Choreographer Sonya Tayeh Breaks Down Some of Her Most Iconic Numbers

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My goal is that it comes from the most honest place. That was definitely something lighter, this first and really beautiful idea of happiness. Bjork asked her to write down what the song meant to her. When Bjork denied clearance of the song, Tayeh contacted her about it. When it breaks open, we lift this woman in a split position and we circle her around, just trying to embody the idea of floating in air and not knowing where to turn.

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It was my first year living in New York when I was asked to work on this project. And the man is strong, and takes the lead, while the women just kind of follows. Then when the music elevates, I like to elevate with it. Her jet black Mohawk, darkened cat eyes, and various piercings may look fierce, but Tayeh is sweet, approachable, and eager to open up about her work. No matter what, even if the bond becomes unrecognizable, you still call this person your sister or your mother or your brother.

You literally watch them grow up. Even in some of the more progressive, non-hetero pairings, if you have two men dancing, a lot of times, it becomes this very macho, machismo kind of battle. They really leave me to my own devices, which is nice.

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There are also submissive men in my pieces. Strength, athleticism, and explosiveness punctuate her style of dance. Working with this incredible company was an absolute dream come true. And I presented it that way, like I do everything else. Often seen as hard-edged and androgynous, her work had a softer, more romantic feel.

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Graham is a big influence of mine and I only strive to have that much courage and fearlessness in my work. Which, for some reason, seems so jarring, which I find interesting. It has to feel super-stylized.

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Being able to indulge in that for eight weeks was a playground of so much fun. From an outsider perspective, dance seems pretty queer-friendly, for the most part. It means evolving and enhancing and being hot-blooded and uber sensual, as empowerment as opposed to obvious sexuality. Like others, she is also extremely proud of what the show does for dance.

Strength athleticism and explosiveness punctuate