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Shortly after this, Michael starts a band called Skinner Box a name suggested by Mia with a few friends, including Boris Pelkowski. And where is the full orchestra supposed to be coming from? His habits include tucking his sweater into his pants, breathing through his mouth, and playing the violin in Gifted and Talented class, when everyone else wants him to be quiet.

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As shown in the seventh installment, they tend to focus too much on their own lives and concerns. Michael and Lilly's parents, both psychoanalysts. But really he was just checking for World of Warcraft alerts on his cell phone. She is very loyal to Mia, who often consults her for sensitive advice rather than the harsher Lilly. Gianini, my new stepfather, knocks on my door.

Clarisse is the dowager princess of Genovia and Mia's paternal grandmother. Her struggles to find herself despite the demands placed upon her by her princess title, and her difficulties reconciling her more girly nature to her eco warrior tendencies are funny and thoughtful. Mia was initially afraid to share her crush on Michael with Lilly, but in fact, Lilly was one of the conspirators who helped Mia and Michael get together in Princess in Love. Mia's spends her afternoons throughout the series with her grandmother Grandmere in princess lessons, secretly dating a married man with kids which attempt to teach Mia the finer points of being a princess.

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During the summer before sophomore year, he lifts weights, gets laser eye surgery and becomes by Mia's standards a hottie. Except, of course, that Belle is smarter than I am.

She keeps looking in at me through the sliding glass doors and laughing as she talks on her phone. Due to large bagful of Skittles consumed on flight over, almost barfed on official Genovian welcome committee who came to airport to greet me as I disembarked from the plane. And not the beast part, either. Michael loves Mia just as she is, though her neurotic behavior and insecurity frustrate him. She smokes often and enjoys drinking sidecars.

Boris is Lilly's first boyfriend, but the relationship ends when she begins seeing Jangbu in Princess in Pink. He voices his mind in a way that is annoying when he thinks Mia is being particularly ridiculous, but goes along with her schemes anyway. She dates Josh Richter from the start of the series until the summer break between the fifth and sixth books, when they split up after he goes to college. Between the tenth and eleventh books, Mia goes to college and establishes a youth community center. In the tenth book, she goes to prom with Perin, and they become a couple by the eleventh book.

Michael believes Mia is overreacting and attempts to reconcile with her before leaving for Japan, but is hurt to find her sharing a kiss with J. Nevertheless, Lilly's blunt attitude is what often keeps Mia from over-analyzing things, such as her relationship with Michael, Lilly's older brother.

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He joins Mia's friend group soon after, and begins to date Lilly at the end of the book. Mia's friendship with Lilly Moscovitz is a focal point of the series. The three girls quickly develop a solid friendship, and Tina eventually uses her generous weekly allowance to support Lilly's public-access television show. It has many of the same elements that make the first volume so good, but by now it is all getting a bit tired and stale. Mia's very protective Swedish bodyguard.

Mia proposes sex in order to keep him from leaving, but is upset to find out that he slept with Judith Gershner before they began dating, and the two break up. She concentrates more on academic matters rather than things such as prom and dating, though Mia likes her despite her nerdiness. They grow closer in book nine, with shared interests in musicals and writing, and begin dating after he confesses his love for Mia. After Lilly dumps him, he starts dating Tina Hakim Baba.

Mia's second cousin, and second in line to the throne of Genovia after Mia. Reynolds, and Kenny Showalter. After Mia and Lilly's estrangement at the end of the eighth novel, Mia comes to see Tina as her best friend. Well, first of all, there is nothing so great about living in a castle. Michael has brown eyes and thick, dark hair and is tall.

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Lilly also helps indirectly repair Mia and Michael's relationship. She later becomes the cause of Mia and Michael's breakup in book eight when it is revealed that he lost his virginity to her, but did not tell Mia about it. In the meantime, I just have to go on as if things were normal. Mia notices that Michael still looks incredibly hot and realises that she does still, indeed, love him. Watching Beauty and the Beast tonight with J.

They break up in the last book when Mia finds out that he used her to further his playwriting career, and lied about saving his virginity for her. Tina breaks up with him when she finds photos of him with another girl, but they get back together at Mia and Michael's wedding when he proves that they were photoshopped. They separate in book seven, but begin to rekindle their relationship in book eight.

Except that one guy really is pretty cute. But why am I the only one in this country who thinks pollution is an important issue? Like Mia, Kenny is tall, blond and skinny, and Mia thinks he is pretty cute, but finds the idea of kissing him revolting. She has a career as an artist and spends most of her time in her studio, and becomes pregnant with Frank's son and Mia's half brother Rocky in the second book. Which is especially weird, since Michael and I have never exactly seen eye to eye on the theater.

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He moves to Japan to develop the CardioArm for this reason, believing it would prove to the world that he is, in fact, worthy of dating a princess. Lilly has also expressed that she thinks Mia is over-protective of him, repeatedly calling her a baby-licker in book six. She speaks French most of the time, but she can also speak English. If you already love Mia, you will probably forgive its faults, and adore it, plus the rest of the extensive series.