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Anyone who has seen live Trance this year has heard this track at some point and it delivers fantastic results every single time. Close your eyes, buckle up and let this song take you beyond the stars! It too become a cult classic and has propelled his career to a new chapter where he comfortably sits with the big leagues.

Exactly what I was thinking. Great selection, I agree with djskiesthelimi.

With an incredibly memorable melodic line and an equally powerful punch behind it, Apache was a huge success for the Coldharbour family. Trance is my favorite type of electronic music because it is the most uplifting to me. And check out any track on the Abora label.

Alex Morph always has some of the most emotional melodies. How in the world did Paul Oakenfold or Perry Forsten not make this list either. Rapid eye circa forever Rapid eye remix.

Let me add two more magical music on your list. Temple of Spirit Extended.

100 Greatest Trance Songs

Thank you so much Trance Family! This track, like so many of the best tracks, takes you on an actual journey through many different ups and down. Mickael Those are some great. It is timeless music which is unlike pop music, except the ones you like, but like everything it disappears unless you remember it and play it.

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This is the first track I heard by Andrew Rayel and it is still my favorite of his. Fuel the Fire Rinaly Remix. Also, the fact that He's a pirate is on here instantly makes this list x worse. Giuseppe is widely known for being one of the best technicians in all of Trance and his superior sound production skills shine at its peak with this Uplifting masterpiece.

Top 10 Trance Tracks Of The Week - 6.14.15

Thousand Pieces Extended Mix. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. The only problem with this track is that it is on the short side and all the longer remixes don't have this same sound. All these songs are in a good. My best classic is Inertia - The system Original mix.

As well As Armin - clear blue moon. Blah Blah Blah Extended Mix. Go do your homework before posting a shitty list like this. This whole track flows together really smooth and the overall melody and vocals are uplifting.

This is just a solid track all around. Words, For an Angel, and his remix of Love simulation are much better. These too were some of the best releases this year.

When you complain, you make yourself into a victim. Whether or not you are a supporter or a hater of this track, no one can deny the sheer impact that this piece had on the American public. These are not my own personal picks, but the ones that were the most important this year. Don't Give Up - Chicane feat.

This is a fairly simple song that has such a great melody. It gets you up off your seat by utilizing other genres of electronic dance music like hard techno and hardcore. Trance music is great for working, working out and for relaxation. You must be out of our mind to say such a thing. This genre is true to its name because it grabs from breaking beats.

Tracking Treasure Down Revisited feat. Trance is able to break down tracks into deep emotional meditations that just take you away into another world.

With dubstep, the wub wub sounds fill your ears so that you can head bang your heart out. Castles in the Sky - Ian Van Dahl feat. Tiesto took an already awesome film score and just made it a thousand times better. Anything For You Extended Mix. Seven Days and One Week - B.

How do I know that it's the greatest? Shine Ibiza Anthem Original Mix. Since when did you listen to. It instantly uplifts me in my car. What makes Mirage so appealing to me is the diversity of instruments being used.

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By entering into a state of trance, you are transported from this world to another with pretty musical melodies accompanied by jaw dropping visuals made even better by some sweet goggles. While I do think everyone is entitled to their opinion, web page making software these songs are some of the most uplifting trance songs there are. One of my most played trance albums - never to be duplicated. The guy obviously knows a thing or two when it comes to electronic dance music. Techno music is also recognized by the use of repetitive beats that have slow gradual changes.

It skyrocketed both of their careers to new heights and its popularity exploded out of nowhere. Before I begin, I do understand that these lists always cause controversy, because a track you may like may not appear here.

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Want to see other lists from the Discogs Community? This song has a beautiful piano with a great atmospheric vibe. Lighter Than Air Extended Mix.

Trance DJ Mixes 2019 MP3 Download

House Music

This song takes you on a journey like no other. To this day the song still touches me deep within and brings out a level of peace and joy. Electronic Dance Music tells us that the sounds we are hearing are produced electronically with a beat that makes you want to get up off your seat!

No oliver lieb tracks are on here either, what a shame. You have this organ sound mixed with a dreamy piano mixed with a crazy synth melody.