Triumph frame number dating, twins 1950 - 69

Triumph TR6 Vehicle Information
Spotting Fake Vintage Triumph BSA & Norton Engine Numbers
Triumph Motorcycle Models with Engine & Frame Serial Numbers

Twins 1950 - 69

Spotting Fake Vintage Triumph BSA & Norton Engine Numbers
  • The Date Code The first code letter indicates the month of manufacture.
  • It provided a new lease of life on the tracks against competition such as Porche, and battled manfully on for a few more seasons to great success.
  • Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass.
  • Need to Know if frame is an import or a new zealand new.

The Club Archives is a valuable source of information on Triumph motorcycles. To apply for a Date Certificate for your Triumph motorcycle you need to get together as much documentation about your machine as possible, and as many photos as you can get your hands on. The last Triumph Tridents were Ts. The engines were then stored - awaiting buildup into a frame. As the frame was completed as a completed rolling chassis an engine was pulled from storage and installed in the frame.

The engine number is essential when ordering engine parts. Use this number when ordering axle parts. Can you tell me what it all means pls. In a front spoiler was added, wheel trims revised, dating matt black wipers introduced - with revisions to instruments and switches. Be careful about relying on a specific serial number to validate your bike's age.

Frame and Engine numbers would have matched when the bike left the factory. These numbers are not required when ordering replacement parts. The engine number was stamped onto a lip at the rear of the left hand side of all engine blocks, just visible below the spark plug. The gearbox number is stamped onto the casing just behind the clutch lever crosshaft box. However, some engines that had already been stamped prior to were not used for bikes but instead were used for the very first model bikes.

Triumph Serial Numbers

The second code letter indicates the model year of the bike. As a result the engines were not always used in exact numerical sequence. Wider wheels were used on the new model while beneath the skin, the suspension geometry was revised and an anti-roll bar was added. This reference material is used by the Club to answer all sorts of queries - such as original colour schemes, factory fitted accessories, and what parts go with what engine and frame.

Triumph VIN Decoder Lookup and Triumph VIN Check
Available Triumph models for decoding

The date code always appears immediately preceding the five digit, sequential serial number. As a minimum you should have photos of both sides of the bike, the Engine Number, and the Frame Number. The rear axle number is located at the base of the axle housing, when viewed from beneath the car.

At the same time, the cylinder head was completely redeveloped. Rolling frame and boxes of parts. Another three bikes were sent the following day.

The original records are the best place to go if you have doubts. How can I get info on this bike for them? This would explain why sometimes bikes with early serial numbers were shipped a couple of days later than bikes with subsequent serial numbers. The trade press is a better indication of what classic Triumphs are going for - and if you have a unique motorcycle then it really depends on how much someone wants to pay for it. Public reaction proved positive and over the following winter Webster's team worked hard to develop a production model.

Can you help identify please! Before then registrations were carried out by County Councils or Borough Councils, gcse physics radioactive dating but Centralised Registration pulled all these records together onto a computerised system. Being much stronger than the previous unit it was more able to deal with the powerful engine that it had been mated to. Can someone tell me what model it is and any other information that may be useful.

  1. Find out when a bike was assembled and shipped - from information in the orginal factory records.
  2. Once you have got all your evidence you need to send it to the Club's Machine Registrar along with your payment.
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  4. Use this number when ordering gearbox parts.
  5. What we can't do is to provide valuations on specific models of Triumph.
  6. Two plates attached to the bulkhead were body numbers.

Spotting Fake Vintage Triumph BSA & Norton Engine Numbers

Original Settings and Standard Serial Numbers. Another thing we can't do is to tell you who currently owns a particular motorcycle. On some models the model identifier appears at the beginning and on other models the model identifier appears at the end.

Engine Number Identification Chart @ Canley Classics

Modify this link Report this link as broken What do you think of this resource? With a slightly wild camshaft, the new fuel injected engine gave bhp. Is it possible to verify it's identity? In fact, ian somerhalder dating any dated information you can supply on your machine will make your case that much stronger. Would be most grateful for any assistance.

Vintage Bike Magazine Serial Numbers

Triumph TR6 Vehicle Information

Triumph had run its own, albeit small, competitions department until British Leyland gave responsibility for a competitions programme to Peter Browning of Abingdon's Competitions Department. Triumph General Fasteners. When the engine was added to the frame the month and model year code was added - as was the model identifier.

Search and View a sample of the Factory Records. This is a unit construction motor. To do this, the block was extensively modified to take a new crankshaft. The model year started in August of the preceding year - or whenever the factory came back to work after the summer break - and ran through July. Wire wheels, rarely requested as an option, were deleted in the same year.

There are numerous original workshop manuals, spares catalogues, factory records, and other information. The first code letter indicates the month of manufacture. One was fitted by the manufacturers of the bodyshell, the other by Triumph. New external badging was provided.

1937 to 1949

Franz and Grubb Engine

BSA 500 & 650 Unit Twins Engine & Frame Numbers (1962-68)

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