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We send a plea to all these indie musicians to not give up, and keep making our lives better by doing what they do best.

The people who are remain pure in their goals, and pour their heart and soul into the music. You will be surprised at the sheer number of promising talented people that live in Bahrain. Nowadays, it is harder to make a living as a musician, so for many of them cultivate it as only a hobby.

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The Underground Music Movement of Today by Jon Sanderson In cities all around the United States, both large and small, bands are in a garage making earth shattering music. As a tribute to to what makes them who they are, Indie and underground musicians get famous not because a label had a deal with a radio station, but because their music is truly appreciated by many. It is always challenging to introduce something new to the crowd.

This paved the path of my career. Lately we have been focusing on music production and are soon releasing our track with a renowned record label. Inspiration is all around us.

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They write with more passion than most do, influenced not by a label, but they pull everything from their lives. It can be hard to be an Indie musician these days in the United States. My grandfather used to be a fiddler, and my love for music was fostered by him. The enjoyment we get from making and playing music for the people is what drives our creative energy. Progressive rock bands have it hard, because their songs are usually longer than the standard radio song average and follow a less standardized song structure.

They provide the trends that major labels follow, and even help set fashion trends. They write about their honest dreams and hopes, instead of writing about something a big label has told them to write about. Bahrain was missing the element that unites musicians, who can put our small island on the map of the electronic music movement. The internet was my main source of knowledge for mastering the basics. The idea of creating a community of like-minded music fans has been there for long time.

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