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Updating weather on iphone

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They show up as a section of their own as you scroll down through the various sections of each city. We used to show you a blank forecast tile. But your data and media will remain safe. Check that Background App Refresh is enabled.

Check that Background App Refresh

Because he was outstanding in the field. If the issue persists, consider instead unpairing and setting it up as a new watch.

Toggling the setting to Never and back again may help. Assuming Weather widget has started to work correctly on your device. Smart Forecasts, meet people.

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But your data and media will

It may also help to enable the setting for Weather. Allow Weather App to Always Access Your Location When you allow the Weather app to always access your location, local weather will always be kept updated. Now, make sure Weather widget is added. Check that Weather is set to Always Toggling the setting may help.

If you are using cellular on your iPhone, make sure Weather app has access to your data. People, meet Smart Forecasts. Precip accumulation is in the history graph, too. Too bad this wasn't available years ago.

Now, tap on Done at the top to confirm. Like showing the windmills spinning according to how fast the wind is blowing, and showing the sun moving across until it hits the area that it currently is at in the sky. Then, allow the app to use the data.

As for accuracy, we haven't had much actual weather since I've been using the app, but so far it's been pretty accurate. Swipe right from the left of the screen to go to Lock screen. Up next, let the software update be completed.