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It is with deep sadness that I inform you of R. Once again they were forced into the dance-off, this time against Garth and Hayley. Dressed in a creamy dreamy gown for her second dance, the Waltz, she redeemed herself.

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Apart from charming the audience, the judges thought the couple utilised the whole dance floor and complimented them on their light, convincing footwork. Nonetheless, viewer voting saved Anele and Brandon from the dance-off and once again they were safe.

Needing a cohost she suggested Nash

Their score placed them joint third with Adil More and Robynn Soules. There she met Nash and the pair discovered an on-air chemistry. In the week leading up to the episode Anele injured her ankle, which made rehearsing difficult. Their score placed them second to last and for the first time Anele and Brandon ended up in the dance-off, against Gugu and his partner Sarah Cooper. The duo was replaced by Tats Nkonzo when the show moved to e.

The judges and presenters made their disapproval known before reluctantly voting actress Hlubi Mboya off the show. Kani, who is the son of renowned actor John Kani, recently split from his wife Tembisa, who he was reportedly traditionally married to. She was, however, cautioned to be more flighty in her movements. Needing a co-host, she suggested Nash as her partner and the pair hosted a successful weekday evening show for a year. Anele because of the vibrancy she brings to the show Head judge Lilian Phororo did not have to exercise her deciding vote.

The judges and presenters made their

Her coach and partner was Brandon Eilers Le Riche. Tributes pour in for Big Nuz member R Mashesha. The radio personality with the attitude and matching big personality did not disappoint.