Who is young taco dating

Who is young taco dating

Both partners should feel free to share this information or not. Neither side should resort to yelling, calling each other names, using the silent treatment, making demands or threats, or manipulating one into what the other wants. Communication in a Healthy Relationship More than anything, communication is essential to building any healthy relationship. In addition, both partners should respect the boundaries set in the relationship.

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Respect in a Healthy Relationship Being in a relationship means showing your partner respect. Moreover, both partners should allow for time and space away from each other. Abusive behaviors like possessiveness, jealousy, manipulation, isolation, insults, temper tantrums, yelling, and physical threats like pushing or pulling hair are not okay. They are not based on power and control.

These kinds of behaviors are considered unhealthy, because they are about one partner exerting power and control over another to get what they want.

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